The Faculty of Education has a very long tradition in teacher education that goes back over a century. The first Department of Pedagogy was established in 1919, and the first school of teacher education in Western Serbia, the Mixed-gender Teacher School was founded in 1925. The success of this school that had successfully trained generations of future teachers for over half a century was crucial in the decision to establish a Pedagogical Academy – a college of teacher education in 1972, while a study program for preschool teachers was introduced in 1976.    

The Faculty of Teacher Education was founded in 1993, introducing undergraduate-level teacher education, and since 2006, preschool teacher education. The Faculty got an accredited master’s program in 2007 and doctoral program in 2010.  

Keeping up with modern trends, the Faculty of Teacher Education changed its name to the Faculty of Education in 2018. In 2019, we received accreditation for a bachelor program of applied studies Sports Coach.

Aiming to encourage scientific research, the Faculty of Education actively collaborates with other faculties of pedagogy and teacher education in Serbia, as well as similar faculties from Slovakia, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Turkey, Austria, Lithuania, etc. Since 2019, a number of teachers and students of the Faculty of Education have been on exchange at related faculties abroad within the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility program, swapping places with teachers and students of foreign faculties who usually spent a semester/year at our educational institution. 

The Faculty of Education has grown into one of the educational leaders in the region which, in addition to teaching and research, participates in the implementation of various science projects, organizes scientific meetings, maintains a developed publishing activity, and can boast a quality teaching staff capable of meeting all the requirements of modern university teaching.