Mission and Vision


Our mission involves:

– Training and educating experts in the field of class teaching, preschool education and sport in line with the highest European educational standards, and in a way that will allow them to be successful, productive and creative in their future professional activities;

– Encouraging and developing scientific research in the field of education;

– Contributing to continuous professional development of preschool teachers, teachers and coaches, with the aim of training them to implement critical and creative approaches to knowledge application and achieving high standards in teaching, cultural and scientific work;

– Encouraging and supporting educational, scientific, artistic and sports development of the our home city, and the region;

– Promoting understanding, tolerance and cooperation. 


The vision of the Faculty of Education is to develop into a modern higher education institution that will be recognized as a member of the University of Kragujevac and participate in the university life of the Republic of Serbia, and the unified higher education area of Europe on equal terms with other educational institutions, as well as to be respected and recognizable for the quality of its scientific work, and individual achievements of its students and teachers.