Marija Brković

Name, Middle Name, Surname:  Marija B. Brkovic Date of birth: 9. 6. 1997. Title: Teaching Associate Narrow field of study: Mathematics and teaching methods Areas of interest: Teaching methods of mathematics; Characteristics and particularities of mathematics education in junior grades of primary school; Contextual approach to mathematics education; Realistic mathematics education; Algebra in junior grades …

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Gorica Tomić

Name, Middle Name, Surname: Gorica R. Tomić Date of birth: 30 March 1988 Title: English language teacher Narrow field of study: English language and linguistics Areas of interest: English Morphology; English Lexicology, English and Serbian Contrastive Linguistics, Corpus Linguistics E-mail:

Nataša Nikolić

Name, Middle Name, Surname: Nataša M. Nikolić Date of birth: 06.04.1991. Title: Assistant Narrow field of study: Pedagogy Areas of interest: General pedagogy, Family pedagogy E-mail:

Aleksandar Mitrović

Name, Middle Name, Surname: Aleksandar J. Mitrović Date of birth: 31.07.1990. Title: Assistant Narrow field of study: Art education and teaching methods Areas of interest: Art pedagogy; Application of digital technologies in art education in junior primary school; Implementing art education classes in a changed social context; Problems related to the child’s artistic expression; Elements …

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Slađana Luković

Name, Middle Name, Surname: Slađana R. Luković Date of birth: 27.01.1986. Title: Assistant Narrow field of study: General psychology Areas of interest: Developmental psychology Educational psychology E-mail:

Mirjana Čutović

Name, Middle Name, Surname: Mirjana M. Čutović Date of birth: 23. 11. 1972. Title: Assistant with Doctorate Narrow field of study: Teaching methods of the Serbian language and literature Areas of interest: Teaching methods as the main area of interest, as well as research from the methodological aspect in the field of teaching methods of …

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